Rexona Men V8 Body Spray 200ml

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Our antiperspirants deodorants are developed to meet different demands for men and women, responding to your body to keep you feeling fresh, confident and cool for up to 24 hours.

Rexona never lets you down

There’s nothing like the fresh feeling after taking a shower. We feel clean and fresh, and would love that to continue for the entire day. We all sweat and our under arm sweat can’t evaporate. Even 1 drop of sweat can cause 90% 0f the body odor as it attracts Bacteria and they multiply. As a result we do not remain fresh anymore.

The guide to managing your body odour

How do you choose the best deodorant to suit YOUR need? No worries, we’ve got just the tips for you:

  1. Many deodorant manufacturers offer the same product range that they claim to suit both men and women. We know better. Males sweat two times as much as females so Rexona offers specialized deodorants to suit the specific needs of both men and women, with separate product ranges for each.
  2. Most deodorants in the market today don’t actually stop underarm sweating. Their perfume just masks the body odour, for a limited amount of time. Next time you’re shopping for deodorants, look for our range of antiperspirant deodorants that not only smells great but also stops excess underarm sweating.