Oxygene Homme Lanvin For Men 100ml

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Oxygene Homme Lanvin For Men 100ml
After the female Oxygène, the year after Lanvin launches the male version Oxygène Homme. The fragrance is simple, fresh and light like a sip of clean air for a city inhabitant. It starts of with fresh notes of spices, resins and aromatic herbs (Peru balm, coriander, fir and myrrh). The heart is extremely masculine including “manly” herbs: Artemisia, Atlas cedar and cypress.OXYGENE is delightfully Refreshing and Addictive. It is a Familiar and Repetitious scent for me as It is like some of the fragrances in my collection. Casual,Summery,Clean,Light,Cheerful,Inoffensive,Carefree, Youthful and Enjoyable.

A fresh breath of Coriander and Cypress Completion by airy impressions of Juniper and Myrtle and a Soft Base notes that result is an Inspiring fragrance and Reminds you of the name of the Fragrance.It is also quite Gentle on your senses without being boring.

This Aromatic fragrance is a Good choice Especially if the very strong smells make you Indignant. Seemly for an Active Character who Likes freedom. A Happy scent in a Cloudy Summer day and Any CASUAL occasion. So easy to wear and The price is actually Reasonable too.